Exploration Services:

  • ​Program design.
  • Field Work: Drilling, geology and Technical Report review.
    • Mapping, core logging, sampling etc.
  • Historical data compilation, assessment and incorporation into working modern data sets.
  • ​Database design and utilization - DDH and GIS. (Gems, MapInfo)
  • Informed geological interpretations leading to target generation.
  • Geophysics: Rock-physical properties, survey design, incorporation of modelled Mag & EM.
  • Drill planning and monitoring (deep drilling, deviation, directional drilling and complex multi-cut holes).
  • Geochemistry.
  • Alteration assessment and vectoring.
  • QA/QC.
  • Initial RQD assessment.
  • Complex drill planning and deviation control.
  • Predictive metallurgy upon discovery.
  • Modelling:
    • ​Drilling + geology + structure + interpretation + geophysics + geochemistry
    • 3D incorporation of geophysics (targets, inversion models and vectors)
    • Target generation.
    • Structure 
  • ​Due Diligence. 
  • Software licences - Gems, MapInfo

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